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Monday, December 13, 2010


If Beast had been a member of the Defenders during their skirmishes with the Headmen, he most certainly would have exchanged barbs with Gorilla-Man.

While the face of Arthur Nagan (Gorilla-Man) looked nothing like Henry McCoy (Beast), from the neck down Gorilla-Man bore a striking resemblance to Beast, after further mutation added fur to the hero's already ape-like anatomy (Amazing Adventures #11).
The above portrait of Gorilla-Man first appeared in The Official Guide of the Marvel Universe. Beast's profile image from that edition appears with the post titled Beast: The Intellectual Unconventional.
Amazing Adventures. Vol. 2. No. 11. March 1972. "The Beast!" Stan Lee (editor), Gerry Conway (scripter), Tom Sutton (artist), Syd Shores (inker), Sam Rosen (letterer).


pblfsda said...

I'm happy to see you back lately, and the Gerber period is my favorite for the Defenders. Here's a tip from a fellow fan: the Headmen, like a handful of mid-70's Marvel characters, actually come from the pre-FF horror/suspense/monster titles. For a short-cut, look for WEIRD WONDER TALES #7 (12/74), which reprints the original appearances of Nagan, Morgan and Chondu (Ruby was a Gerber original).

james said...

True story. I bought that issue of Weird Wonder Tales #7 on sale for $3.20 this afternoon. I'll post about it in the near future!

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