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Monday, January 23, 2012

Secret Prices

I stopped collecting comic books during much of the 1990s and only recently began to buy back issues from that decade. In the process, I decided to take a look at the cover prices for a series that was a secret to me during my time away from collecting. Sporting a foil cover, The Secret Defenders #1 (March 1993) sold for $2.50. On the one-year mark, #12 (Feb. 1994) sold for that same price, with a prismatic foil cover to boot. The cover price for a standard issue in the series was $1.75 for #2 through #11, and again for #13-14. The price of a standard issue rose to $1.95 with #15 (June 1994) and continued through #24. The Secret Defenders ended with #25 (March 1995), a double-sized issue with a cover price of $2.50.

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