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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Defenders Dialogue: Volume 2

 When seven members of the Defenders regrouped in Volume 2 of the series, they bickered as much as ever. The following letter from Defenders #7 (September 2001) addressed the disparate personalities within the team.

I just would like to say thank you for bringing this book back… Truly, in my eyesight, it was missed. It is so good to see the return of the "Big Four": Hulk, Surfer, Namor and Doc Strange (along with Hellcat, Nighthawk and the new Valkyrie). I believe this book is destined for greatness as it once was. the only thing I would like to suggest is that they get a leader … and soon! For truly with arrogant minds such as Namor and the Hulk, they need someone to toe the line. In other words, to put everyone in check. My suggestion is Nighthawk, since he seems to me to be the one with the most desire for the group to stay together. I think since he really has a heart for the team he would make a great leader. He has already been head of his own company, and I think he has qualities for the position. As a co-leader, in case of emergency, I choose Hellcat. She's been through a lot this year. I think the character has grown so much. Plus, she also has a heart for the team. This is not to say Doc Strange or Surfer could not do it. But at this time Doc Strange seems a little estranged to me. I don't think Surfer would want to be bothered with it. The new Val is just too new for it. So that is all I have to say except for keep up the good work. And until Gargoyle shows up in a pink mini skirt, Make Mine Marvel.

Cleo Bostick
Newark, NJ
Here was the reply from assistant editor Marc Sumerak:
A leader might help, Cleo, but I don't know if it'll happen. Heck, the Big Four don't even want to be on the team. I'm sure Kyle wold be up for the job, but do you really think that Namor and the Hulk are going to put up with orders from "Bird-Nose"? I'd give him two seconds as leader before one of the other Defenders smacked him and his jetpack across Manhattan.

That's it for this time. Now I gotta jet!

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