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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Through the Shadow Cloak

As Hellcat tried persuading Valkyrie to go with her to a disco, an other-dimensional sorcerer named Lambert opened a magical portal to transport Hellcat from Earth to his homeworld by way of the Shadow Cloak (borrowed from Devil-Slayer in Defenders #60).

On a hunch that She-Hulk was key to saving his ever-shrinking world from obliteration, Lambert reinstated Hellcat's psionic abilities (lost when Moondragon absorbed Hellcat's psionic energy to replenish her own strength in Defenders #77) and convinced Hellcat to use the Shadow Cloak to bring the green heroine into his realm (Savage She-Hulk #13-14).

But Lambert's subatomic universe now metaphysically existed within She-Hulk's own bloodstream, so summoning She-Hulk left her trapped within a paradoxical vortex. There she encountered Man-Wolf (Stargod of the other realm) and eventually used his mystical gem to save the dying world—and return both herself and Hellcat safely to Earth.

Hellcat invited She-Hulk to join the Defenders, but she declined membership at that time. As for Valkyrie, she eventually accompanied Hellcat to see disco singer Dazzler.

The Savage She-Hulk. Vol. 1. No. 13. February 1981. "Through the Crystal!" David Anthony Kraft (writer), Mike Vosburg & Frank Springer (artists), Michael P. Higgins (letterer), Carl Gafford (colorist), Jo Duffy (editor), J. Shooter (ed-in-chief).
The Savage She-Hulk. Vol. 1. No. 14. March 1981. "Life in the Bloodstream." David Anthony Kraft (story), Mike Vosburg & Frank Springer (art), Michael Higgins (letterer), Carl Gafford (colorist), Mary Jo Duffy (editor), Jim Shooter (editor-in-chief).

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