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Friday, October 23, 2015

Now -- Get Six Titles For the Price of Five!!

This ad for comic book subscriptions appeared in Defenders #64 and other Marvel titles with a publication date of October 1978, the same month cover prices began saying STILL ONLY 35¢.

The ad stands out for giving Nighthawk equal prominence as Iron Man and Conan, who each had solo titles at the time.


Tim Roll-Pickering said...

I can't see an expiry date - could the offer still be valid?

And ten weeks wait?! When did mail order get its act together and get competitive?

BK said...

I remember being puzzled about the Nighthawk head, not being a Defenders reader at the time. I figured it out slowly --I must have traded for a Defenders issue at some point in the 70s. Read spotty issues here and there. Some Tunnelworld. Pretty sure the giant Defenders Treasury was the only one I owned as a kid. Still, that Nighthawk head looked too much like Captain America, I couldn't figure it out. I like the idea he deserves equal billing. Too bad he faded out of the Marvel U.

Doc Savage said...

They still advertised 16 issues for $6.50 as of 1983. Great bargain!

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