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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Disregarding the Defenders

Avengers #137 is perhaps best known as the issue when Beast and Moondragon joined the team, long before their involvement with the Defenders. Wasp returned to active Avengers duty in #137, as well, bringing husband Yellowjacket along for the ride.

Wasp bemoaned how her "bullheaded better-half" had left her behind while adventuring in Giant-Size Defenders #4. Upon his return, Yellowjacket explained to his Avengers teammates how he wasn't "let go" from the Defenders, as the non-team lets heroes come and go as they please. Hawkeye, who had already returned to Avengers status after a stint with the Defenders, dismissed the non-team as "that crazy crew--"

Avengers. Vol. 1. No. 137. July 1975. "We Do Seek Out New Avengers!!" Steve Englehart (saga), George Tuska (art), Vince Colletta (embellishment), C. Jetter (lettering), P. Rachelson (coloring), Len Wein (editor).

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