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Monday, January 13, 2014

By Any Other Name

Many heroes use nicknames from time to time, but Hulk stood out for assigning descriptive names to other Defenders.

Here are the unique names Hulk largely settled on for a handful of his teammates.

  • Dr. Strange = Magician
  • Hellcat = Cat-Girl
  • Nighthawk = Bird-Nose
  • Red Guardian = Star-Girl
  • Sub-Mariner = Fish-Man
  • Valkyrie = Sword-Girl (or simply Girl before other women joined the Defenders)

Not everyone received a consistent moniker, mind you. For example, Hulk referred to Hawkeye as Purple-Man and Stick Man (Defenders #7). And he called Silver Surfer both Shiny-Face and Silver-Face (Defenders #8).

Since the green goliath clearly remembered the names of other people he knew (such as Jarella), his almost exclusive use of monikers for costumed adventures may have been a way to maintain emotional distance among those who might act as Hulk's friends one moment but then try to stop him the next.

The above image comes from the closing page of Incredible Hulk #206.

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