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Sunday, February 2, 2014


Dr. Strange hadn't picked up a deck of Tarot cards in years, so imagine his surprise when he received a Tarot deck in the mail. The cards came courtesy of Marie Laveau, the legendary Witch-Queen of New Orleans, who hoped to warn Dr. Strange of impending doom (Marvel Team-Up #76).

Out for revenge, the villain Silver Dagger would magically trap Clea's spirit within the Orb of Agamotto. In Greenwich Village at the time, Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel agreed to assist Dr. Strange in the quest to defeat Silver Dagger and rescue Clea.

When Dr. Strange became trapped as well, he recognized the Caterpillar of Wonderland as call back to his prior imprisonment within the orb.

But when Dr. Strange located Clea inside the surreal realm, her fiery appearance and cold-hearted demeanor made her almost unrecognizable. This was the woman Clea would have become had she been raised by her wicked mother, Umar the Unspeakable (Marvel Team-Up #77).

As Spider-Man fell within the orb, images of the character's loved ones and enemies filled the mataphysical dimension.

Back in the outside world, Ms. Marvel defended herself against Silver Dagger until Marie Laveau finally subdued the villain—allowing Clea, Dr. Strange, and Spider-Man to escape.

Fitting tightly into continuity, the adventure took place on the heals of Defenders #58-60, when the non-team helped Dr. Strange retrieve the Eye of Agamotto.

Spider-Man guest-starred in Defenders #61. Ms. Marvel had guest-starred in #57, but then declined joining the team in #62.

Chris Claremont wrote Marvel Team-Up #76-77. Chaykin, Aclin & Ortiz were artists on both issues. Dr. Strange would later consult Tarot cards regularly while leading the Secret Defenders.

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