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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Avid Reading

While settling into my new home this month, I decided to move my comics out of their customary long boxes and into a barrister bookcase. Rearranging my collection drew attention to the handful of back issues I inadvertently purchased twice over the years, including Avengers #188.

My favorite scene from that issue involved Scarlet Witch firing a hex bolt to jar Beast away from reading through a book of Darkhold, which the Avengers previously confiscated from Modred the Mystic.

Scarlet Witch: I--I'm sorry, Hank, but there are traps in tomes such as this -- passages phrased so as to subtly ensure the unwary in a dark web of evil!
Beast: Frankly, Scarlet, a simple "Hank, please refrain" would have sufficed! But if you want to hog the only bedtime reading on this barque, be my guest. Just don't complain when I shed all over your cape.
Avengers. Vol. 1. No. 188. October 1979. "Elementary, Dear Avengers." Bill Mantlo (guest-scripter), John Byrne, Dan Green & Frank Springer (artists), Gaspar (letters), Sharen (colors), Jim Shooter (plotter/guest editor/chief).
Other issues that I bought twice include Defenders 98, 102, 112, 117, 122, 123, and New Defenders 126, 129.


pblfsda said...

I understand moves can be hectic, so if you haven't been to your local comics dealer in the last week then you should know that the long overdue BACK ISSUE #65 from TwoMorrows finally shipped with a Defenders cover. The theme is defunct Bronze age teams, but I'm guessing the Defenders get the cover to themselves because they outlived the others by a wide margin.

~P~ said...

Also of interest is FEARLESS DEFENDERS # 7 (which, if you haven't been reading this DEFENDERS title) features the RETURN of CLEA to the M.U. (with a halfway decent explanation as to where she's been and why).

The previous and next issues begin to firm up the fact that it IS a DEFENDERS title as Valkyrie realizes that she needs to recruit DEFENDERS more than Shield-maidens.

But # 7 is crucial.
Go get it.

Raleigh said...


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