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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Valhalla Can Wait

Slain by Valkyrie (a.k.a. the Doom Maiden of Rage in Fearless Defenders #6), archaeologist Annabelle Riggs would spend her afterlife among the honored dead in Valhalla. Whereas others might have felt at home, Riggs felt out of place and despondent among the Norse warriors who too died in combat.

Back to her senses, Valkyrie sought to remedy the predicament by asking a favor of an old friend. Would Clea magically return Riggs to the land of the living? Though sympathetic, the sorceress was reluctant to interfere with matters of life and death. She warned Valkyrie that such a request would come at a cost (#7).

As a result of the sorcery, Valkyrie could dematerialize to allow Riggs to return in her place (and vice versa). But the two women could not exist at the same time (#8). Having previously shared her existence with Samantha Parrington and Barbara Norriss, Valkyrie was undoubtedly prepared to make this sacrifice.

Written by Cullen Bunn and illustrated by by Stephanie Hans, the above scene comes from Fearless Defenders #7, the strongest issue of the new series.

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