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Monday, July 13, 2015

Not According to Plan

One of the X-men's earliest enemies was an extraterrestrial known as Lucifer (no relation to Daimon Hellstrom). But the antagonistic alien vanished into obscurity after his appearance in Captain America #178 (Oct. 1974).

Dominus, another agent from Lucifer's homeworld, later set out to conquer Earth. Establishing his base of operations in the Arizona desert, Dominus prepared to encounter the New Defenders (including three of the original X-Men who had battled Lucifer).

Dominus also anticipated fighting the Rangers, who had formed by answering a distress call intended for the Avengers in The Incredible Hulk #265 (Nov. 1981).

The would-be conquerer ultimately suffered defeat in West Coast Avengers #24 (Sept. 1987). In their defense, however, the New Defenders were no longer a team by that point and the Rangers were rather loosely organized to begin with—as suggested with Red Wolf's guest appearance in New Defenders #139 (Jan. 1985).

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