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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Lawful Good: Jack Norriss

Jack Norriss was stubborn and obstinate when he met the Defenders. At first, he could not accept that Valkyrie was independent from his wife, Barbara. He also took time to warm up to the unconventional non-team. Dedicated to fighting crime, however, he assisted the Defenders on occasion and became an agent of S.H.I.E.l.D. Given this combination of personal qualities, the hard-minded Jack Norris would fall under the Lawful Good alignment from Dungeons & Dragons.

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This image of Jack Norriss comes from Defenders #87.

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Chaotic Good: Omega the Unknown

Cancelled after ten issues, Omega the Unknown found closure in Defenders #76-77. During his short career, the costumed hero had a metaphysical connection to twelve-year-old James-Michael Starlin. While the cerebral Starlin faced obstaces at school, Omega battled superpowered foes—usually without uttering a word. In their own way, both characters prioritized the well-being of others while remaining enigmatic and even naïve at times. Taking into account their erratic nature, the linked duo upheld the principles of Chaotic Good under the nine-alignment system of Dungeons & Dragons.

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Friday, January 27, 2023

Black Goliath and the Champions

The letters page of Champions #6 noted that Black Goliath was originally considered for membership in the Los Angeles team. Instead, the hero with the power to grow 15-feet-tall received his own solo series, which ran for five issues. Meanwhile, Hercules became the Champions' resident strongman. Although Black Goliath would never join the Champions, a guest appearance in #11 established that he had designed the team's sky-car.

Oddly enough, Black Goliath #3 introduced the supervillain Vulcan. In spite of his name, the criminal appeared to have no connection to the Roman god Vulcan (a.k.a. Hephaestus to the Greeks) or the Olympians in general.


Saturday, January 7, 2023

Marvel Subscriber's Club

One of my favorite ads for Marvel Comics was the subscription page that appeared in issues with cover dates of Nov. 1981, Dec. 1981, and Jan. 1982 (Defenders #101, #102, #103). While the titles listed on the subscription form included science fiction, jungle adventure, and sword and sorcery themes, the illustration accompanying the ad was a superhero sight gag reminiscent of the humor magazines that Marvel would publish at various points.

Pictured in the ad, a tiny Ant-Man tries to outrun the Hulk, who has just stepped on Iron Man. Meanwhile, Giant-Man busts through the roof of the heroes' comedically overcrowded clubhouse. Several other characters are only partially visible yet still recognizable by their claws, tail, winged ankles, or other identifiable traits.

Monday, December 26, 2022

Meeting Millie the Model

In one of her most reflective moments as Hellcat, Patsy Walker became reacquainted with Millie the Model (Defenders #65).

Patsy and her pals were still in high school when they met the celebrity model, who was visiting the town of Centerville (Patsy Walker #76). Later, Millie and her photographer boyfriend, Clicker Holbrook, were headed to a fashion event when they got a flat tire in front of Patsy's house. Patsy was leaving for a masquerade party at the time and happened to be dressed as Millie. The disguise was so convincing that Clicker couldn't tell the two women apart (#98).

Donning a blonde wig, Patsy may have resembled Millie but the two characters were very different. Patsy was inherently relatable, often daydreaming about the future long before becoming a superhero. Millie, in contrast, was already glamorous, cosmopolitan and comfortable in her own skin.