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Monday, October 29, 2018


Dr. Strange #29 began with a telephone call from Yellowjacket describing how a statue of the Black Knight had seemingly come to life (Avengers #157). The phone conversation was a subtle reminder that Yellowjacket had worked alongside the Defenders during a break from the Avengers.

As soon as the call ended, Nighthawk arrived at the Sanctum Sanctorum with an unrelated request for help investigating the mysterious death of a research scientist with ties to Richmond Enterprises. The investigation led Nighthawk and Dr. Strange into battle against the nefarious Death-Stalker.

The most dramatic part of the story came, however, when Clea offered to accompany Nighthawk and Dr. Strange … and Dr. Strange insisted she stay home instead. Clea had successfully worked with the Defenders, so why prevent her from participating in this mission? Was Dr. Strange overly protective of Clea because she was his apprentice? Or because they were romantically involved?

Or were his motives selfishly driven? Was Dr. Strange afraid that Clea might eventually outshine him as a sorcerer? Did he fear that Clea would leave him once her mystical training was through? Either way, the unequal footing within the relationship was driving Clea away.

Dr. Strange. Vol. 1. No. 29. June 1978. "He Who Stalks!" Roger Stern (writer), Tom Sutton (penciler), Ernie Chan (inker), Annette K. (letterer), Petra G. (colorist), Archie Goodwin (editor).

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