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Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Omega Connection

While reading Silver Surfer's meeting with the mysterious Omega Council in Defenders #11 (Vol. 4), I immediately thought of the deceased hero called Omega.

Only after the cancellation of the 10-issue series Omega the Unknown did the hero learn his origin. Omega and youthful "sidekick" James-Michael Starling were in fact biological constructs sent to Earth by metallic lifeforms on another planet that faced extinction. Omega and Starling both died in Defenders #76-77 (Vol. 1). The metallic extraterrestrials designed additional constructs to send to other worlds as well. My initial suspicions aside, however, these beings do not appear to have ties to the recently revealed Omega Council.

Well-known for his use of monikers, Hulk repeatedly referred to the hero Omega as "Curly-Hair" during a guest appearance in Omega the Unknown #2 (May 1976), a story referenced in Defenders #39.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sweet Christmas!

One of the most memorable catch-phrases in comics was Power Man's exclamation "Sweet Christmas" (or "Christmas" for short). Here are instances when he used the expression among the Defenders.

Fighting Thunderball of the Wrecking Crew in Defenders #18.

Power Man: (Thinking) Christmas! That freakin' ball of his is like a blasted boomerang--

Riding on Daimon Hellstrom's chariot through a teleportation portal (#24).

Power Man: Christmas! The horses! Th-they're bein' swallowed up--by a freakin' hole in the air!!

Returning through the portal (#25).

Hellstrom: You and I and my demon chariot have re-entered the physical plane--and Valkyrie is nowhere in sight.
Power Man: (Spotting Dr. Strange and Nighthawk) Right on--but wait'll you turn around an' see who is! Christmas!

After a spell backfired and electrically shocked Dr. Strange (#38).

Power Man: Sweet Christmas. man--you tryin' t'outdo Ben Franklin or what?!

On saving the "world gone sane" in Defenders Annual #1.

Power Man: Christmas! I ain't even sure what we're trying to save!
The above image appeared with Marvel Comics subscription ads in 1980.