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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

In Name Only

While repurposing the original nameplate, the latest team billed as the Defenders is decidedly dissimilar to the original non-team.

Starring the characters from the new TV mini-series, the comic book features super-powered couple Jessica Jones and Luke Cage (Power Man), as well as Cage's longtime crimefighting partner Iron Fist and informal ally Daredevil.

An in-story interview with Luke Cage at the end of Defenders #1 (August 2017) noted how he had been a member of a few super-teams, including the Defenders. Within the interview, Cage responded that most super-groups are more or less families—including the Defenders. It is unclear if the hero meant the Defenders in general or, more specifically, the latest version of the team. As of #2, the current combination of Defenders have been too busy battling the underworld to stop and discuss a group name.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Love at First Sight?

Hellcat had her first opportunity to meet Daimon Hellstrom (a.k.a. Son of Satan) in Defenders #62-64, when he and numerous other heroes sought membership to the non-team. Yet there's no evidence that the two characters even noticed each other at the time, as they never even appeared together in the same panel those issues.

Several other prospective Defenders, on the other hand, did take an interest in Hellcat (who was already a regular member of the non-team). In fact, Captain Ultra and Jack of Hearts got into an argument over which of them Hellcat liked best. Ultimately, though, she didn't care for either of them.

Hellcat eventually made the acquaintance of Daimon Hellstrom in Defenders #92, when he began adventuring with the non-team regularly. They professed their love for each other in #122.

The top image comes from Defenders #92. The bottom image comes from #92. Hellstrom's previous guest appearances with the Defenders all occurred before Hellcat joined the team in #44.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Happy Birthday, June!

Monthly calendars appeared on the back cover of Marvel Age magazine in 1985, with humorous images filling most squares.

Nighthawk from Earth-S appeared on June 18, wishing happy birthday to Mark Gruenwald (author of the 12-issue Squadron Supreme limited series published that year).

Meanwhile, Silver Surfer marked the first day of summer on June 21.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Iceman (Not Abomination)

What's perhaps most surprising about the debut issue of Iceman's new series is seeing how little the title character has matured since his limited series (1985).

After all this time, the hero remains estranged from his parents, who still disapprove of his mutant powers in Iceman #1 (August 2017).

The new series introduces a fanatical villain who hates mutants for religious reasons. Adding insult to injury, the new villain doesn't even recognize Iceman—prompting the hero to list his crimefighting credentials in the heat of battle.

As his modus operandi, the new foe repeatedly refers to mutants as an abomination (no connection to Hulk's longtime foe who answers to that name).

The gamma-green villain named Abomination first appeared in Tales to Astonish #90 (April 1967). This image of the character comes from The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.

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