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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Return of Yellowjacket

Hank Pym's career in the Avengers had plenty of ups and downs. Though a founding member of the team, he wasn't satisfied with his original alter ego, changing from Ant-Man to Giant-Man, and then to Goliath, before settling on Yellowjacket.

Following a lengthly leave of absence, Yellowjacket returned to fighting crime … this time in the pages of the Defenders. Narrative text and a footnote pointed out that four years had passed between his last adventure (Avengers #74) and his costumed return (Giant-Size Defenders #4). Granted, time within the comic books would have passed at a slower rate, but it was significant nonetheless.

Given his perpetual identity crises and bouts of self-doubt, Yellowjacket's short run with the Defenders reestablished him as a hero, without relying on his history as an Avenger or longtime partnership with the Wasp. Although "man in bug-suit" had fought alongside the Hulk during their early days in the Avengers, the green-skinned Defender didn't recognize Henry Pym dressed as Yellowjacket.

This image of Yellowjacket readying to attack members of the Sons of the Serpent appeared in Defenders #23, launching a storyline that continued through #25.


#6 said...

Mate I am linking to you from my Blog but you should definitely join the Comic Blog Elite too!


james said...

Thank you for the tip. Like your Bleachroot site, the Defenders Fansite is now among the Comic Blog Elite:

david_b said...

One of the BEST images of YellowJacket ever ~ Good ol Sal Buscema does it again!!

Liked Hank in the Avengers, but he fit in really well as a supporting Defender as well.

Remember buying this issue JUST for YJ and the art!

David B.

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