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Monday, January 4, 2010

The End of an Era

Gargoyle vanished mysteriously in Defenders #134, teleported away by mystic forces. He returned in #136, forced into a malevolent plot that would pit him against his teammates.

During the effort to release Gargoyle from an evil sorcerer's control, Moondragon tried to mentally persuade him to remove her mystic headband so she could use her mental abilities at full strength (#137). Moondragon's idea failed, and her motives remained suspect.

As part of her on-again, off-again path to redemption, the self-proclaimed goddess later admitted that she had been mentally drawing enemies to the Defenders. She hoped that similarly dangerous situations might lead someone to set her free to use her power without inhibition (#139).

Gargoyle's vulnerability to evil forces and Moondragon's corrupt ambition were themes that continued to drive the team's storylines until the original Defenders/New Defenders series ended with #152.

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Cecil said...

I love this blog. I'll bet Gargoyle's story is one of the best I only know from the Handbook, LOL...ah, one day these too will be mine...but until then, there's Defenders Fansite!

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