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Monday, March 30, 2009

Defenders Dialogue: Membership

The letters page of Defenders #103 asked readers which heroes—old or new—they wanted in the team. Seven issues later, the letters page published the results. Here were the top 20 heroes that fans requested.

  1. Doctor Strange    
  2. Valkyrie
  3. Hellcat
  4. Silver Surfer
  5. The Gargoyle
  6. Clea
  7. Beast
  8. Nighthawk
  9. Devil-Slayer
  10. Moon Knight
  1. Son of Satan
  2. Sub-Mariner
  3. Hulk
  4. She-Hulk
  5. The Angel
  6. Wonder Man
  7. Jack-of-Hearts
  8. Daredevil
  9. Ghost Rider
  10. The Scarlet Witch    

Defenders #110 provided this analysis of the reader responses:

One of the most interesting aspects of this poll was the high-ranking Clea received from our readers, based (we assume) on her strong performance in DEFENDERS #'s 100-103. You all seemed to like seeing Clea step to the forefront, taking over Doc Strange's role as the mystic focus of the book. Unfortunately, as recent events in Doc's own book have shown Clea has returned to her home dimension for the nonce. But, if she returns to this dimension, chances are she'll drop in to visit her DEFENDERS pals.

Considering the mail we received after DEFENDERS #100, begging the Son of Satan to return to these pages, we'd assumed he would rank in the top five, at least. As you can see, he didn't. Why? We think it's because (and again the mail bears us out) most of you assumed Daimon was lost in his father's realm for good. Thus, many of you didn't vote for him. The mail, since his return in issue #105, has shown us how much Marveldom is intrigued and excited by this inimitable character. And the warm response to the Beast and the Gargoyle proves what we already knew—that they're a couple of likeable guys!

Finally, one message was loud and clear in your letters—you want to see Moon Knight in THE DEFENDERS! Well, that's up to him—but we think he'll make an appearance. After all, the guy gets around!

One last prediction: we'll be that, come issue #112, with the introduction of the Vision and the Scarlet Witch to these pages, you DEFENDERphiles will be begging us to keep the titanic twosome around for the long haul. Let us hope it's not so…


Cease said...

Notice Nighthawk finishing eighth, behind the Beast, even; and the Hulk, for whatever reason, finishing 13th! I wonder if people felt Hulk was a character they didn't have to vote for, since he'd been constantly present and was essentially its star draw (to the point of ridiculous exploitation on certain covers wherein there was less Hulk to be found).

Could be the Monster Craze was sputtering out, hence the Son of Satan finish outside the top ten.

Alberto Camerra said...

My ten favorite defenders of all time are;
1. Doctor Strange
2. Valkyrie
3. Hulk
4. Sub-Mariner
5. Nighthawk
6. Luke Cage
7. Silver Surfer
8. Hellcat
9. Red Guardian
10. Son of Satan

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