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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Case of the Mystery Cover

Here's what looks to be cover art for a not-yet published adventure that pits a classic group of Defenders against the villain Arcade.

To the best of my knowledge the Defenders never faced Arcade, but I'd love to see how they'd fare against the death traps of Murder World.

I spotted this illustration on Comic Vine, a source for many of the images that appear on this site.

John Byrne appears to be the illustrator, and the copyright line reads 2009. If you have more information about this eye-catching artwork, please post a reply!


The Groovy Agent said...

That's a commission piece Byrne did back in January. He always posts them on his site. It looks like a very talented fan colored it for fun. Wouldn't it be great if Marvel actually did put out a comic based on this piece? By Byrne? :D

Here's the url for where the piece first appeared:


james said...

Case closed. Thanks for the reply and for the link!

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