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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

But Not Forgotten

Though launched as an ongoing title, the latest Defenders series ended at #12, with the time-bending storyline rewriting itself so the events in the series never took place.

The result gave a whole new meaning to the term non-team, with this grouping of Defenders never truly having formed.

Disappointing as that may be, the cancellation of the Defenders is not the end of the world … and it's not the end of this blog. There is still a lot left to cover.

Defenders. Vol. 4. No. 12. January 2013. Matt Fraction (writer), Mirco Pierfederici (penciler), Veronica Gandini (colorist), VC's Clayton Cowles (letterer), Terry & Rachel Dodson (cover artists), Jon Moisan (assistant editor), Mark Paniccia (editor).

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