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Monday, November 18, 2013


Hellcat and Valkyrie were at a nightclub listening to the singer Dazzler when all three of them were teleported away for the Contest of Champions. At the time, Dazzler was still getting accustomed to her own superhuman powers and served as a reluctant hero.

After the world learned the Dazzler was a mutant, the ostracized performer crossed paths with Beast while he was vacationing in Hollywood. Set during the run of the New Defenders, the Beauty and the Beast limited series showed Beast's concern not only for Dazzler but for the well-being of all mutant-kind.

Although Dazzler accepted Beast's emotional support during their four-part adventure, she largely ignored his romantic overtures until finally suggesting that they go their separate ways.

Ann Nocenti wrote the Beauty and the Beast limited series from 1985.

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