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Friday, January 10, 2014

Millie the Metaphor

Guest appearing in Defenders #65, Millie the Model caught up with Patsy Walker and offered her a chance to work at her modeling agency—seemingly oblivious to Patsy's costumed career as Hellcat.

In turning down Millie's job offer, Patsy figuratively gave up a chance to return to the relatively simple existence she once had in the world of of romance comics, where both women began as characters.

Remaining in the Defenders as Hellcat meant proceeding as a three-dimensional character, with all the personal turmoil that might entail.

Patsy Walker entered the world of superheroes innocently enough by observed the wedding of Reed Richards and Susan Storm in Fantastic Four Annual #3. Patsy's friend Hedy Wolfe suggested that Millie the Model was there as well.

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