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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Love and Hate

Visiting her hometown of Centerville, New Jersey, was painful for Patsy Walker. Aunt Sofia complained that adventuring as Hellcat and marrying Daimon Hellstrom had tainted the image of Patsy Walker that previously appeared in comic books. Childhood friend Hedy Wolfe was unceasingly sarcastic, and neighbors threw a brick through a window to drive Patsy and Daimon out of town (Marvel Fanfare #59).

Much of the hostility toward Patsy came from a misperception that the super-heroine now looked down on her Centerville roots. She rectified the situation at a press conference near the end of her visit.

Marvel Fanfare. Vol. 1. No. 59. October 1991. "The Town and Patsy Walker!" Richard Howell (script, pencils, letters, and colors), Al Milgrom (inks and edits), Tom De Falco (editor-in-chief). Admiringly dedicated to that "prize" pair Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.
The back cover of the issue pictured a genre-appropriate cover titled Marvel Romance.

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