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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tip of the Iceberg

One of the first posts on this site described how Bobby Drake once introduced himself—not as the hero Iceman—but instead as Beast's boyfriend, Lance (New Defenders #131). Bobby was joking at the time, but a recent story line adds new context to that scene.

In a conversation with a younger version of himself who had traveled forward through time, Iceman recently acknowledged that he is in fact gay but has kept it a secret all these years because he already had a hard enough time dealing with the stigma of being a mutant (Uncanny X-Men #600).

From this perspective, it's worth considering how Iceman's romantic life originally unfolded during his formative years.

A back-up story titled "The Iceman Cometh" (X-Men #44) showed teenage Bobby Drake dating a young woman named Judy Harmon shortly before joining the X-Men.

Bobby: You know, even though we've only dated a few times—I already feel I know you better than anyone! It's like you're the only person in the world who really matters to me!
Judy: Bobby—are you trying to say that … you're in love with me?

Before Bobby could answer, a group of thugs attacked the young couple. Bobby used his mutant abilities in self-defense, but Judy was so mortified to witness Bobby's powers that she fled. In retrospect, that early rejection left a lasting scar on the young hero.

When Jean Grey arrived as the first female student at Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, the original X-Men began vying for her attention. Everyone, that is, except one.

Iceman: A girl … big deal! I'm glad I'm not a wolf like you guys!

Angel: I'm glad, too. Who needs extra competition from Iceman?!
The flashback from X-Men #138 captures events from X-Men #1. Upcoming posts will continue to examine Iceman's romantic history.


Dougie said...

Rebuffed by traumatised outsider Lorna Dane (who is won by tragic orphan Alex Summers), Bobby leaves the original X-Men to hang out with a blond Adonis for most of his comic book career. Who'd have thought it.

Doc Savage said...

It's funny how people try to read into these stories so much more than is there.

Doc Savage said...

The whole gay thing is just trying too hard. If they wanna make him be gay, whatever, but don't pretend there was any history of it in his character. Cyclops seems a better candidate to me, though.

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