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Saturday, February 20, 2021

The Timing of Rhyming

The Rhyme and Reason of Dr. Strange, one of the most popular posts on this fansite, looked at the sorcerer's use of rhyming verses when casting spells. Defenders #9 provided another example of Dr. Strange rhyming while spell-casting. The magician's rhymes, however, were not necessarily elegant. Take, for example, these magic words that Dr. Strange uttered in #72:

By Hoggoth's Hoary Hosts,
By the venerated ghosts,
Let the beasts awake again,
Let the wings be free of pain.

Hosts and ghosts surely rhyme—but the pronunciation of again does not typically rhyme with pain even though the spellings are similar. That being said, Dr. Strange's spells seemed to work whether or not they rhymed.

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