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Friday, December 3, 2021

Space Invaders

Unlike the other exploits featuring Dr. Droom, a story published in Amazing Adventures #4 (Sept. 1961) was not reprinted a decade later when the character was reintroduced as Dr. Druid. That tale's title ominously asked, "What Lurks Within?"

When a spacecraft resembling a jack-o'-lantern landed on Earth, Dr. Droom used his telepathy to intimidate the extraterrestrials into leaving by convincing them that Earthlings were cranes with wrecking balls.

Dr. Droom: They were our first invaders from outer space. But we defeated them by our wits! As long as we use the brains which destiny gave us, we will always be able to meet threats to our survival--no matter where they comefrom--or how strong the enemy may be!

That sentiment might have confused readers who had been following the adventures of Dr. Droom, as this was not his first encounter with extraterrestrials. Dr. Droom had previously thrwarted the conniving Zemu from the planet Saturn in Amazing Adventures #3 (Aug. 1961).

When that story reprinted in Weird Wonder Tales #20 (Jan. 1977), Dr. Droom became Dr. Druid, Zemu became Zamu, and Saturn became the planet R'Zahn.

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