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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Speaking Volumes

Since newer comics do not include the volume number on the copyright page, as comics of earlier years had, I checked the Marvel Comics Database to see that the latest Defenders series (bringing Iron Fist and Red She-Hulk into the fold) is indeed Volume 4.

Volume 1 was the original run of the Defenders that began in the 1970s, with Dr. Strange, Sub-Mariner, and Hulk as founding members. The Silver Surfer was the first of numerous heroes to unofficially join the non-team.

Because the issue-to-issue numbering stayed consistent, the series remained Volume 1 even when the title changed to the New Defenders (issues #125-152).

Volume 2 was most notable for giving Samantha Parrington a chance to reprise the role of Valkyrie and work with the Defenders. In this twelve-issue limited series from 2001, she shared the spotlight with six of the most recognized members of the team: Nighthawk, Dr. Strange, Sub-Mariner, Silver Surfer, Hellcat, and Hulk.

Volume 3 brought back Dr. Strange, Sub-Mariner, Hulk, and Silver Surfer for a dimension-hopping limited series. The ever-dreaded Dormammu was the group's primary adversary during this five-issue adventure from 2005.

Series with variant titles (including Secret Defenders and Last Defenders) were each published as Volume 1 in their own right.

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~P~ said...

I've been referring to it as v4 in my blog reviews.

As much as I would love to include ALL iterations of the title (Secret Defenders, Last Defenders, etc...) as volumes in the "big-picture", the fact that they have entirely different titles negates the practice.

But in my MIND... this is v6.

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