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Monday, September 24, 2012

Cover Versions: Hulk vs. Namor

Hulk and Sub-Mariner were at odds with each other since their first team-up in Avengers #3. As these covers show, the temperamental twosome remained sparring partners during the original run of the Defenders.

The second issue of Defenders Volume 2 showed Hulk and Sub-Mariner at odds yet again. Another cover version for that same issue spotlighted Valkyrie instead.

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david_b said...

Just discovered the Volume 2 issues of Defenders.. Not typically a fan of any comics in the last 20yrs, but these are GREAT..

Only have ish 1&2 (love the Valkyrie cover....), so will be tracking down the rest now.

Glad the Gargoyle isn't in the bunch. I stopped long before he came on board and kinda prefer the core group.

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