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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Chaotic Evil: The Devil's Daughter

While Daimon Hellstrom turned against his demonic father by fighting on the side of good, his sister, Satana, played the role of succubus, seductively murdering men and stealing their souls.

She may have been born to be bad, but Satana also had free will. She repelled the thought of blind obedience and assured others she was acting on her own accord. Given her capricious brand of malevolence, I consider her Chaotic Evil under the classic alignment system from Dungeons & Dragons.

Satana: … But you'll find Satana yields to no man. Not our father … and not you!

  Lawful Good    Neutral Good    Chaotic Good  
  Lawful Neutral    True Neutral    Chaotic Neutral  
  Lawful Evil    Neutral Evil    Chaotic Evil  
Marvel Spotlight. Vol. 1. No. 24. October 1975. "Walk the Darkling Road!" Chris Claremont (author), Sal Buscema (artist), Bob McCleod (inker), John Costanza (letterer), Diane Buscema (colorist), Len Wein (editor).

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