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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Lawful Neutral: Grandmaster

This series of posts about the old-school alignment system from Dungeons & Dragons wouldn't be complete without the Grandmaster.

To settle disputes with other beings, the Grandmaster customarily challenges his opponents to strategic games, with rules agreed upon by both parties. These games often require heroes and villains to act as pawns for each side, pitting groups with opposing views against one another.

Given his well-structured approach, and his overall detachment regarding the concepts of good and evil, I reason that the Grandmaster is best classified as Lawful Neutral.

  Lawful Good    Neutral Good    Chaotic Good  
  Lawful Neutral    True Neutral    Chaotic Neutral  
  Lawful Evil    Neutral Evil    Chaotic Evil  
The accompanying image comes from Squadron Supreme #9. Here, the Squadron represents the Grandmaster in a challenge while the Institute of Evil represents the Scarlet Centurion.

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